May 27th, 2016 Dear Daughters, We woke up groggily this morning to the sound of rain pattering our windows and a slight draft slipping beneath our doors, penetrating our cozy little nest of warmth and solitude and prompting us to double check our calendars. Summer may be just around the corner, but it seemed this bleak and dreary morning had somehow slipped away from some future November and crept back in time to rap on our windows and tease our… Read more »

Laynie, Did you notice you didn’t get a birthday letter this year? I pride myself on those letters, perhaps for the simple fact that I am not the mom I always thought I would be, the one who creates birthday quilts and birthday banners and birthday scrapbooks and all manner of birthday-themed memorabilia for you to reflect upon someday as testament of my love and devotion. I am sloppy and unorganized and a true terror behind the helm of a… Read more »

Laynie and Crosbie, I screwed up. In my head I imagined that this year would be different, that after two straight years of missing Easter services due to LC’s illness, we would do this year right, starting with Good Friday. We would spend the day together as a family, reading the crucifixion story, discussing the implications of Christ’s death, worshipping, maybe even doing crafts that would slowly but surely ignite a passion for the beauty and agony and life-altering truth… Read more »