Dear Laynie, Your birth was painless. After treading the ravaging waters of pitocin induced labor for as long as my feeble body could bear, I mumbled out a request for an epidural and barely managed to stay afloat until the needle pierced the tender flesh in my back. The relief was instantaneous. I gulped in great lungfuls of air and rested comfortably for the first time in months. And when I failed to push you out of my tightly cramped… Read more »

Little Ladies, So I’ve been reading this book. There was a chunk of time last summer when I stumbled across it constantly, when its virtues were proclaimed from every mountaintop within my humble little circle. So when I found it on a bargain table around Christmastime I snatched it up and whispered, “Merry Christmas to me!” I cracked its cover immediately, feasting on the wordy, poetic prose (my favorite), but after a few days it began gathering dust on my… Read more »

Have you ever noticed how much our identity is tied to numbers? Our age, our birthday, our address, our social security number, our phone number, etc. are all basic tenets of information that we hand out robotically when asked for them. They serve to distinguish us from our peers, and in just a few moments’ time, we can recite a short list of numbers and be immediately identified and categorized. But what about the not-so-basic tidbits?  When we dig deeper,… Read more »