To my Sweet Peas, The new year is well underway, and along with it, the burning pressure to DO ALL THE THINGS. So far this year I’ve added natural soy wax, clean-burning soy candle wicks, grass-fed beef gelatin, mini silicone molds, a light-up globe, an industrial-sized butcher paper roll, floating bookshelves, a reading teepee, and reusable snack bags (bye-bye, toxic plastic baggies) to my Amazon wishlist. Somebody stop me. I am goal-driven by nature, and I LOVE the kick in… Read more »

Crosbie Kayt, You didn’t sleep last week. You’ve been sawing logs like a pro for quite some time now, but last week you just couldn’t do it. You would go down for the night easily enough, but soon after you drifted off you would wake up screaming, and I could practically hear the words, “Mommy, come hold me!” in those screams. I would come pick you up, snuggle you until you were snoring again, lay you down gently, and tiptoe… Read more »

LC and Crosbie, We have a tradition in our family that when someone celebrates a milestone birthday, we compile a notebook for them. We collect photos and mementos and ask all our family and friends to write letters for the recipient, and then paste it all together into a memory book of sorts. I got my notebook when I was 21. And two days ago, when your dad turned 30, I gave him his. We were busy planning Crosbie’s first… Read more »

  “It is a naive sort of feminism that insists that women prove their ability to do all the things that men do. That is a distortion and a travesty. Men have never sought to prove that they can do all the things women do. Why subject women to purely masculine criteria? Women can and ought to be judged by the criteria of femininity, for it is in their femininity that they participate in the human race.”  Elisabeth Elliott, Let… Read more »

On the night you were born, the moon smiled with such wonder that the stars peeked in to see you and the night wind whispered, “Life will never be the same.” – Nancy Tillman Crosbie Kayt, You are snoring softly in your swing as I type these words, and I still cannot believe you have finally graced this world with your presence. After 9 long months of morning sickness, indigestion, insomnia, stretch marks, and severe diaphragm pain (let’s not forget… Read more »